CFP® Exam Schedule

Important Dates – May 2023 Exam

Date Details
February 15 Registration opens for May 30 or 31, 2023 CFP exam
March 26 CFP Professional Education Program (PEP) Final Assessment submission deadline for those writing May 2023 exam
March 29 Exam preparation webinar available on demand
April 6 Last day to submit a testing accommodation with required documentation
Last day to request the CFP exam in French
April 12 Early bird registration closes
May 4 Examination registration closes
Last day to withdraw from an exam sitting, change location or change writing format
May 11 Last day to meet and submit all exam eligibility criteria
Last day to select online proctored exam connection start time
May 30 – 31 CFP exam administration across Canada
June 7 Last day to request an exam postponement

Source: FP Canada