QAFP™ Exam Writing Strategy and Tips

Case Study Strategy

Step 1

  • Spend 5 minutes reading the case for context – client situation or circumstances
  • Only take notes that identify family members

Step 2

  • Spend 10 minutes analyzing and documenting the information required for each of the 10 questions
  • Identify calculations required and strategic decisions that need to be made
  • DO NOT refer to the case yet

Step 3

  • Spend 5 minutes re-reading the entire case again, but for content this time – know the client and the situation. Some paragraphs will not be relevant
  • For the relevant paragraphs/info write down (or highlight) the relevant facts and numbers

Step 4

  • Spend 20 minutes answering the question
  • Find the relevant information in the case study background. Don’t do it from memory.

Note: Before starting, determine time to be finished the case study – write it down

Exam Overview

Independent Questions


Multiple Choice Questions

2 Case Studies


Multiple Choice Questions

Exam Strategy

Case Studies


Minutes Per Case

Independent Questions


Minutes per Question

Study Tips:

The QAFP exam is made up of only multiple-choice questions, for which you will be asked to select the most appropriate answer. Each question is worth one point toward the total examination mark. Marks are not deducted for incorrect responses.

Read the question carefully:

This will ensure you eliminate the wrong options and select the most suitable answer based on the client’s needs

Consider the scenario

When the question is a follow-up to a scenario, your answer must consider the scenario. This is especially true for the multiple-choice questions related to the cases

Use only the information given

Keep in mind the client’s stated goals and objectives