PlannerPrep’s CFP® Practice Exams and Question Bank


Online Access to 3 PlannerPrep’s CFP® Practice Exams

3 CFP Practice Exams offered in the same exam format as the CFP Exam administered by FP Canada

  • Includes 25 multiple choice questions and constructed response questions based on 10 cases per practice exam
  • PlannerPrep’s software makes the experience of taking the practice exams as relevant as possible
  • All Practice Exams include detailed answer key with explanations and traceability to competency profiles
  • 5 attempts allowed per practice exam
  • Self-Marking Template (PDF)
  • Self-Marking Instructions (PDF)

Online Access to PlannerPrep’s CFP® Exam – Question Bank

  • Question Bank includes 500 multiple choice questions
  • Choose which Financial Planning Areas to focus on
  • Correct Answer and Rationale after each attempt
  • Unlimited attempts